lundi 12 septembre 2016

Prochaine exposition à Toronto avec les Barbies dans le vinaigre 1995-2005

Jessica Drenk, Gabriel Lalonde, and Claudia Wieser
Curated by Astarte Rowe
Presented at Critical Distance Centre for Curators, Toronto
September 21 — October 22, 2016

About the artist : GABRIEL LALONDE
Gabriel Lalonde (b. 1945) is a prolific poet and self-taught visual artist who lives and works in Hudson, Québec. His canvases, composed of found materials such as wood debris and clapboard, chairs, empty cans, Barbies, metal, and roof shingles, serve as explorations into the syntax of lost time, eroded existence, faded amorousness, and the general effects of wear and tear. Paintings often attest to the dematerialisation of ‘text’ as the signifier of civilised society, and are reminiscent of Symbolist graffiti, or the scribbled calligraphy of Cy Twombly. Lalonde recuperates and recycles the overspill of speech, religious discourse, and words, processing the detritus of what Ferdinand de Saussure distinguished as la parole (speech) into abstract imagery pertaining to the structure of la langue (language). In this sense, Lalonde’s art is a factory for the disassembly of verse into semiotic ‘units,’ ‘traces,’ ‘marks,’ and ‘lines,’ which become archeological remainders of the poetic.
Lalonde’s works have been exhibited widely in gallery exhibitions and fairs in Canada, the US, France, the UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UAE.
Astarte Rowe, curator.

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Blogger casilda garcía archilla a dit...

Qué bueno, Gabriel!. Barbies en vinagre! Mucha suerte!

13 septembre 2016 à 00 h 57  

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